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Jean Massieu

The finger prints of time are our memories, left behind long after the laughter, the tears and the treasured times slip silently into the past. They remain to define us - the people we’ve loved, the places we’ve seen and the experiences that shape our personal journey. Be grateful for the special memories that leave an imprint on your heart. 

“We do not remember days, we remember moments” Cesare Pavese

When you sit and reminisce on the finger prints of time that warm your heart, spare a moment for what the world would be like if these were taken from you.  This is what progressively happens when a person has dementia.

At Alzheimer’s Australia WA, we have a vision of a society committed to preventing dementia while valuing and supporting people who live with it.  We strive to ensure people with dementia never feel they are facing their journey alone.

You can help us.  A small donation does not cost the earth but will make the world of difference.  Every donation goes a long way and every dollar helps ensure we are always here for those living with dementia. Big or small, donations the major public funding source we receive.

Alzheimer’s Australia WA advocates for all those living with dementia and delivers much needed dementia care services, support, world-class education and training programs as well as lobbying for and participating in research. Tomorrow the cure, today the care.

With your help, we can provide the best care and support possible for everyone who needs us across Western Australia. Please give to those for whom the finger prints of time recollecting their personal experiences are fading, whose memories and lives are being impacted by dementia.

Helping us help

Those living with dementia will never stand alone because of the vision and generosity of those who make donations.

Alzheimer’s Australia WA will use your donations to:

  • Advocate for a better quality of life for Western Australians living with dementia.

  • Provide specialised dementia care, support, education, information and advocacy.

  • Research and develop world-leading, cutting-edge innovations and care approaches to assist people with dementia and enhance their lives.

  • Work towards a future without dementia.

  • Increase the understanding in families and the community about dementia and how best to respond to it.

You can donate in many ways, from simply clicking here, getting involved in one of our fundraising events or even leaving something in a bequest or endowment.

Donate now

You can always talk to our Fundraising team on ways to help those living with dementia on (08) 9388 2800.

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