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Helping to restore people's hope, dignity and independence 
Gifts go to many much needed areas, here are just four

A gift of peace 

Respite centres are places of peace for those living with dementia and carers 

Donations have helped us create the best three respite facilities in the Australia right here in WA.

It is as heart-warming and humbling to see how people living with dementia immersed and engaged   in a deeply human habitat full of meaningful activity.

These respite centres are a result of funding and donations both big and small.

Every dollar counts and when you see the smiles in the centres, you’ll see every dollar you donate is well spent.  

A gift of sanctuary

Those living with dementia do not always know that help is available. Less than 1 in 8 try to access help. Each year we reach out to ensure no one stands alone. You donation ensures we can improve knowledge of our services and reach more people than we ever have before. 

Care for carers 

Everyone deserves a little time out. The dementia journey offers significant challenges for the person living with dementia but also for their carers and loved ones. 

We never forget carers and loved ones in our services for dementia. We will support the people who support those living with dementia.  You can too.

Thanks to your donations, we can ensure carers are cared for in our facilities so they can take stock and have a time out to think for a while. 

A gift of knowledge 

Imagine seeing a medical professional who did not understand your illness.

Too often we hear that the medical profession needs more expertise in the area of dementia. 

You can change this. Thanks to donations, we delivered 5,000 hours in 2015 our student programme to ensure the doctors and nurses of tomorrow are able to stand side by side with those living with dementia. 

By giving a gift you are making a powerful commitment that will change lives in projects like respite centres, carers support, medical education and events that raise awareness and challenge stigma

Every single dollar you donate will ensure no one with dementia stands alone

Help someone today – donate now!

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