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Elderly man with his arm around an elderly lady sat on a park bench

Alzheimer’s Australia WA was the first dementia specific provider in Western Australia and we remain at the forefront of care three decades later.

Our day centres are often said to be the best in the country. Our services are at the forefront of developing dementia care that supports individuals and enhances wellbeing, joy and meaning in people’s lives. Our leading person centred care approach has been recognised as providing some of the highest quality care services in the country.

Respite Services

Alzheimer’s Australia WA provides a range of respite options for families and carers of people with dementia. In-home respite is provided in the person with dementia’s home and our social support service accesses their local community on a one-to-one basis.

Services focus on providing the person living dementia with meaningful engagement, social interaction and providing the carer with respite. Services can be tailored to suit every individual's circumstance and needs.

Services are available with a referral and with home care packages, Client's have the choice to purchase additional private services if they wish to.

For information about the referral process, please contact (08) 9388 2800.

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Day Respite Community Wellbeing Centres

Based around a household model, our community wellbeing centres in Perth, Albany and Mandurah provide an evidence based therapeutic environment that seeks to maximise wellbeing in the person with dementia. Providing a wide range of meaningful activities based on the person's strengths, identity and interests, the centres provide meaningful engagement, stimulation and friendship in specially designed dementia enabling environments.

Our centres provide the only Eden Alternative registered day centre environments in WA and give the family a short break whilst providing an enriching experience for the person with dementia.

For information about the referral process, please contact (08) 9388 2800.

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Friendship Clubs & Social Support Groups

Friendship Clubs and Social Support Groups provide a safe environment for people living with dementia to socialise, remain active in the community and maintain relationships. We offer these groups throughout the metropolitan area and in some regional centres. 

An important aspect of the groups is that members have input into club activities to foster a sense of belonging and club ownership.

A staff member from our respite team will come and meet with new club members before they commence attending a group, so that it can be decided how needs can be met. As well as providing benefits for those living with dementia, our services also allow carers and loved ones some time to themselves. 

With a referral, you can access groups that are funded by Home and Community Care program. 

If you are already receiving HACC services, all you need to do is call the Regional Assessment Services (RAS) assessor and ask for a referral to Alzheimer’s Australia WA to join a social support group. 

If you are not receiving any services or need a referral, call RAS on 1300 785 415.

You can also access groups as a private customer.  

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How we can provide quality and tailored services to you

We will work closely with you to understand your situation and provide the quality support that you need.

This can be provided through a home care package, disability package or individually funded.

If you have reached your limit or are not eligible for government funded services, or wish to pay for additional support tailored to your needs, we have a range of services to assist you.

You do not need a referral and there is no waiting list.

We offer coordinated and quality services, tailored to meet your specific care needs. These services are ideal for

  • Busy families in need extra support for a parent or loved one living with dementia.
  • People who may not be eligible for government funded services or who wish to ‘top up’ the services they are already receiving.
  • People who require one- off service or support on an ongoing basis.
  • People who need extra support to enable then to remain at home for longer.

To find out more, talk to our Customer Service team on 9388 2800