Meaningful Engagement

Younger man with his arm around an elderly gentleman

We work with people living with dementia to provide meaningful, enjoyable pastimes that have both proven therapeutic value whilst also contributing to society in meaningful ways.


Music is an effective method of communication, a calming strategy and reminiscence tool. Favourite tunes can be used to prompt special memories of people, places and events.

It has been proven that when used as therapy, music has positive effects on our physiology, affecting our heart rate, blood pressure and nervous system. Singing in particular decreases agitation, improves comprehension, lifts mood, and builds trust and self-confidence.

Our ‘Friends in Harmony’ choir is comprised of people living with dementia and their carers. ‘Friends in Harmony’ sing every Thursday afternoon at Alzheimer’s Australia WA’s Shenton Park office conference room from 1.30pm - 3.30pm.

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People with a diagnosis of dementia experience many changes to their day-to-day lives, which can lead to a sense of loss of meaning and purpose. 

This programme enables people to connect into communities and break down stigmas associated with the condition whilst also keeping physically, mentally and socially active. The programme allows people to feel valued while also providing structure and embracing spontaneity. Each day presents opportunities to build new relationships with people and the surrounding environment.

A Home and Community Care (HACC) referral is generally required, although we also accept brokered clients through other organisations. 

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Art Programmes

We provide ‘Artistic Adventures’ - a programme of gallery tours and hands-on studio sessions for couples held at the Art Gallery of WA. 

There is an art group at the Shenton Park studio 'Artistic Endeavours’ for up to eight participants who have a diagnosis of dementia. The class offers a flexible mix of art media, including paints, pastels, clay, and collage using good quality materials. Participants will be well supported to enjoy expressing themselves in their own unique way. 

The group will suit those who have enjoyed art in the past but are now having difficulties in maintaining their art practice, or for those new to art but would like to try something new. The group will be run by our Art Therapist. 

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Men's Shed

Being a part of a Men’s Shed provides opportunities to participate actively in a community with other men from diverse backgrounds and make new friends. Being involved in a social way at a Men’s Shed has been shown to increase quality of life.

Men’s Sheds provide a common shared space for social interaction. The sheds also provide male club members with a meditative space allowing for both creative expression and purposeful activity.

The sheds promote the health and well-being of the male members within the club by giving them the chance to engage in meaningful activities that can help maintain strength, coordination, thinking skills, emotional well-being and the ability to be as independent as possible.
A Home and Community Care (HACC) referral is generally required, although we also accept brokered clients through other organisations.

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How we can provide quality and tailored services to you

We will work closely with you to understand your situation and provide the quality support that you need.

This can be provided through a home care package, disability package or individually funded.

If you have reached your limit or are not eligible for government funded services, or wish to pay for additional support tailored to your needs, we have a range of services to assist you.

You do not need a referral and there is no waiting list.

We offer coordinated and quality services, tailored to meet your specific care needs. These services are ideal for:

  • Busy families in need extra support for a parent or loved one living with dementia.
  • People who may not be eligible for government funded services or who wish to ‘top up’ the services they are already receiving.
  • People who require one- off service or support on an ongoing basis.
  • People who need extra support to enable then to remain at home for longer.

To find out more, talk to our Customer Service team on 9388 2800