Assisting and Supporting Carers


Our organisation was started by family carers and volunteers. After three decades, our focus on being there for carers to support them on their journey has never wavered. We are specialists in the support, care and education of carers of people living with dementia. 

Carer Support

The Alzheimer’s Australia WA Carer Support Programme provides a holistic support service to people who are caring for a loved one living with dementia in the community. The programme attends to the psychological, social and emotional needs of family carers throughout their journey. We have two components to our Carer Support Programme. The first is the Carer Support and Information Programme, which runs over five-weeks. This is recommended before attending our monthly Carer Support Groups. 

Just go for it, I don’t know what holds people back from accessing help. There will be breakthroughs, support, and changes and choices. I can’t imagine the journey without the help of Alzheimer’s Australia WA. The best thing you can do is get in touch with them. JAYNE SURRY-CARER

Dementia Enabing Environments Project

The Dementia Enabling Environment Project (DEEP) can assist in developing an enabling home environment for a person living with dementia. The DEEP website provides useful ideas and resources to adapt your home. 

A well-designed home environment can maintain abilities and provide meaningful engagement by providing essential prompts, accessibility and reduce risks to support a person living with dementia.

Families can arrange a tour of our DEEP demonstration room at Shenton Park to learn about the latest technology and practical ideas to adopt a home.

The project team can provide a review of your home with recommendations on changes and adaptations for a fee.

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Carer Support and Information Programme

This programme enables carers to better understand dementia, meet other carers in similar situations and learn strategies to best support themselves and their loved one. The Carer Support Programmes are psycho-educational groups that offer mutual aid, that is, groups that encourage members to share stories and experiences, offer empathic validation and support as well as receiving information about dementia.

This programme runs regularly throughout the year over five-weeks (with two hourly sessions) and topics include Understanding Dementia, Behaviours and Impacts, Stress Management and Coping, Looking After Yourself, Support Networks and The Future for Me.

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Carer Support Groups

Upon completion of the Carer Support and Information Programme, carers are then invited to attend a Carer Support Group. Carer Support Groups are facilitated across the metropolitan area and meet once a month. The Carer Support Groups enable carers to build a support network and link in with Alzheimer’s Australia WA staff members who can link them with the support and services they need at different points in their journey. 

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How we can provide quality and tailored services to you

We will work closely with you to understand your situation and provide the quality support that you need.

This can be provided through a home care package, disability package or individually funded.

If you have reached your limit or are not eligible for government funded services, or wish to pay for additional support tailored to your needs, we have a range of services to assist you.

You do not need a referral and there is no waiting list.

We offer coordinated and quality services, tailored to meet your specific care needs. These services are ideal for:

  • Busy families in need extra support for a parent or loved one living with dementia.
  • People who may not be eligible for government funded services or who wish to ‘top up’ the services they are already receiving.
  • People who require one- off service or support on an ongoing basis.
  • People who need extra support to enable then to remain at home for longer.

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