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Alzheimer’s Australia WA is a Registered Training Organisation with decades of assisting professionals and front line teams committed to working in health, aged and community care with people living with dementia.

Our learning programs are suitable for the professional development of all health care workers, tailored to meet the needs of registered nurses, enrolled nurses, support workers and other health professionals.

Informed by current research and real-world, contemporary practice, Alzheimer’s Australia WA has utilised it’s expertise as an expert in dementia care to develop a comprehensive suite of products which form part of an integrated learning pathway, from entry level non accredited courses to the fully accredited Certificate IV in Dementia Practice. 

At Alzheimer’s Australia WA our highly professional educators are all qualified with a minimum of workplace training and assessment (TAE 40110 Certificate IV) and have vast and varied experience.

Meeting Your Business Needs 

Most of the workshops outlined in this website can be delivered at your workplace at a time most suitable to your needs.

Enjoy the convenience of your staff not having to travel to training and have your learning requirements met by having a tailored workshop at your own facility.

All you need to do is provide a suitable training venue. Our experienced educators will discuss your learning requirements and, with your input, develop a training course which is designed perfectly to meet your unique learning needs.

By having a greater understanding of your needs and goals the educators will be able to build the knowledge and skills of your team, inspiring them to provide best practice dementia support within your organisation

Dementia Learning Pathway

This pathway will assist you in selecting the most appropriate course for your learning needs and career aspirations.

Level One – Foundation Level

Foundation level modules provide participants with:

  • Increased awareness of dementia.
  • A better understanding of the impact on the person.
  • Increased empathy for what it is like to experience dementia.
  • The opportunity to reflect on their own role in providing a person-centred approach.

Introduction to DementiaExperiencing DementiaRewriting the Behaviour Story - Positive Dementia Care

Level Two – Support

Support modules build on the participant’s foundational knowledge and introduce:

  • More detailed strategies for supporting a person living with dementia and their families.
  • A reflective approach to further develop their person-centred practice.
  • Planning support for the person with dementia based on their strengths and abilities

Communicating in a Person Centred WayMeaningful EngagementIntellectual Disability & Dementia - Dementia EssentialsYounger Onset Dementia

Level Three – Exploration

Exploration modules:

  • Focus on insights from the latest research that can inform dementia assessment, treatment and support.
  • Provide an opportunity to share experiences with experts.
  • Further understand the specific forms of dementia.
  • Cover complex issues such as choice, decision-making, competency, capacity and advance care planning.
  • Are suitable for participants with a good foundational understanding of dementia.

Art & Creativity in Dementia CareMusic in Dementia CareReminiscence & Life StoriesCare EnvironmentsSupporting your Clients using an Enabling Home Environment 

Level Four – Leadership

Leadership modules:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of contemporary dementia practice.
  • Give participants the skills and confidence to challenge current dementia practice.
  • Guide them through the process of practice improvement.
  • Develop ideas for improvement.
  • Support the implementation of change.
  • Open doors to new career paths.

Leading Culture Change in Dementia Services - 10341NAT Certificate IV in Dementia Practice