Vision and strategy - WA

We will support the development, demonstration and adoption of exemplar models of care through our own services and by building the capacity of others.

Our vision

A society committed to preventing dementia, while valuing and supporting people who live with dementia.

Our philosophy 

Dementia is a human experience rather than just a biological condition. We therefore offer a holistic approach in our care that respects the individuality of people living with dementia.

Our purpose 

To be a leader and advocate for research, treatment, the provision of quality services of care, support, education and awareness of dementia to ensure all those living with dementia are valued, supported and receive the highest quality of care from the health system. 

To be an exemplar and an agent of change in the creation and delivery of innovative, best practice services through research and by partnering with those who align with the vision, values, purpose and philosophical approach of Alzheimer’s Australia WA.

Our values

We strive to be a professional, empowering, compassionate and accountable organisation of integrity that empathises, collaborates, innovates and values the well-being of all.

Strategic Objectives

In order to achieve our vision, the six strategic objectives of the organisation will be:

  1. Advocacy.
  2. Awareness and understanding.
  3. Exemplar dementia care and support services. 
  4. Teaching, learning and capacity building.\
  5. Research and innovation.
  6. Longevity and financial sustainability.