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Early for Early

29 November 2016

Early for Early Campaign: Raising Awareness of Early Onset Dementia

The #earlyforearly campaign was started by Alzheimer's Australia Tasmania to put a spotlight on early onset dementia.

Roughly 25,000 people are living with early (or younger) onset dementia in Australia. Some as young as in their 30s.

Early onset dementia does not just affect memory but also people's ability to perform everyday tasks (such as planning a meal) and their social, emotional and financial well-being. The Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker Program in Tasmania began this campaign to increase community awareness and knowledge of early onset dementia. The program also aims to address key issues with funds raised from the campaign, such as appropriate accommodation for younger people and social support for people living with the illness.

The idea:
1. Wake up early, before 7am (try and catch the sunrise!)
2. Take a picture/selfie in a great location, anywhere in the world
3. Post it on Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #earlyforearly and tag @alzheimersaustraliatas
4. Nominate two other people to do the same thing!

Thank you for your support!


Rosemary House Tree Mural

23 November 2016

This amazing mural was created by clients living with dementia at Rosemary House, a dementia respite centre on the Gold Coast.

Training the brain for functional gain

30 September 2016

Training the brain for functional gain
Professor Jacqui Close
Tweed Heads, NSW


World Alzheimer's Day address to the National Press Club

21 September 2016

The National Press Club address for World Alzheimer's Day, 21 September 2016, was given by Dr Ron Petersen and Ita Buttrose AO OBE.

More information about the event, Dr Ron Petersen, and Ita Buttrose is available here.

Published here by permission of the National Press Club.

Dementia awareness month public lecture 2016 (QLD)

20 September 2016

Dementia awareness month public lecture 2016, featuring Dr Ron Petersen and Community

Our stories - Italian

28 July 2016

These poignant digital stories depict both the love each carer has for their loved on living with dementia as well as the emotional cost.

The aims of appearing on film, expressed by the carers featured in this series, is to help their communities to achieve a greater understanding of dementia, remove stigma and blame and to generate acceptance of dementia as a medical illness.

 English subtitles.

Election 2016

29 June 2016

As we prepare for the federal election on Saturday we asked people living with dementia, their carers, families and friends what they would want the future Prime Minister to know.

Here's some of what they had to say.

Buddies: Alzheimer’s Australia Tasmania’s Younger Onset Dementia Buddy Program

16 June 2016

The Buddy Program is a volunteer service for people living with Younger Onset Dementia (YOD).

The program involves a Buddy accompanying a person with YOD to attend activities in the community and to become a volunteer (if they wish) of their own choosing (e.g., helping at a café, community garden or animal shelter).

People living with YOD often find it difficult to perform tasks and participate in activities which they once enjoyed, without some support. As a result, they may become socially isolated, physically restless, lack motivation and feel depressed. The Buddy Program aims to address these issues by matching people living with YOD with volunteers who share the same interests, hobbies, culture and skills and by providing meaningful activity and purpose to people’s lives.

Volunteers offer people living with YOD a chance to develop a supportive friendship with a volunteer in a role which is informal and flexible. In so doing, it is the aim of the Buddy Program to increase the Quality of Life of people living with younger onset dementia.”

It's not a's dementia - Italian

11 May 2016

It's not a's dementia is a short film to raise awareness, reduce stigma and dispel myths about dementia within the Italian speaking community.

The film features carers of people living with dementia giving personal accounts, in their own language, of their experience, along with health professionals who talk about the condition and stress the importance of seeking help early.

This film has been produced by Alzheimer's Australia NSW, with thanks to the Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA) and Family and Community Services. It was produced in partnership with Why Documentaries and the Multicultural Communities Council of the Illawarra.

Community Café Toolkit

10 May 2016

Community cafés are organised, regular get-togethers in community spaces, most often in a coffee shop over a shared cuppa or lunch.

They are important for people living with dementia and their family carers because they provide social connection to address the common feelings of isolation experienced as a result of a diagnosis of dementia.

For more information about Community Cafés visit