Our stories - Italian

28 July 2016

These poignant digital stories depict both the love each carer has for their loved on living with dementia as well as the emotional cost.

The aims of appearing on film, expressed by the carers featured in this series, is to help their communities to achieve a greater understanding of dementia, remove stigma and blame and to generate acceptance of dementia as a medical illness.

 English subtitles.


16 April 2015

"What's one memory from your life that you'd never want to forget?"



16 April 2015

"What's one message you would like to pass on to a new generation?"



16 April 2015

"Why is storytelling so important in Aboriginal culture?"


The unexpected positives of dementia

9 September 2014

'My story hasn't ended...only the ending has changed'


What annoys you most about living with dementia?

9 September 2014

'Life doesn't stop with a diagnosis of dementia'


What should people know about dementia?

9 September 2014

'Dementia isn't contagious...but hope is'